Soy-Free Chicken Eggs

Soy-Free Chicken Eggs

One Dozen

Our pasture-raised eggs come unwashed and can be kept right on the counter and last 2-3 weeks, or longer if kept in the fridge. But they’ll never be around that long once you taste them.

If you prefer to keep them in the refrigerator, go right ahead, but they should stay refrigerated once they're chilled until you use them. If you’d like to wash them, we recommend doing so right before cooking.

Our hens are raised and rotated out on pasture in the warmer months, and free-ranged in the cooler ones. We feed a local, soy-free, organic poultry feed along with whatever the pasture offers and often milk from our grass-fed dairy cows. Our goal is to utilize the most local and sustainable options we can.

In the warmer months our chickens are rotationally grazing the pastures moving every few days. This allows the birds constant access to fresh forage as well as keeping their living space clean. It also allows us to disturb the soil just enough while applying fresh, nitrogen rich fertilizer along the way. 

In the colder months the birds live in a hoop house with constant access to the outdoors. We use a deep litter method, adding a thick layer of mulch to the hoop house. This creates a clean, dry, and smell free environment that doubles as a heated floor as the carbon breaks down and composts. In the Spring we dig out the bedding and add it to the compost pile to finish off and either spread on the pasture or in our garden.